The new year begins, and I am busy preparing the workshop for a new year of Sprytes. I am so excited about 2017, and the promise it brings. 
I hope to bring more friends to life this year, both Sprytly, and a few I'm still imagining.... Moths, toadstools, and a type of creature called a Nature Grub that has been flitting around my head! 
I'm excited at the prospect of vending at fairs and festivals - and making lots of new friends in the process! 


December is here, and in this time of quiet reflection when everything seems to have paused - we too, are going to have a little rest. Just a month of hibernation to snuggle up with my loved ones, to sew gifts and bake Yule cookies. I have lots of exciting ideas ready for when we wake up, new friends, new creatures, and more stories. We will also be attending a few festivals and fairs, which we are so excited about! 
Thankyou for walking with us in 2016, see you in 2017. Merry Solstice, may you have a restful, thankful holiday period. 


November’s almost over!? This year has flown by. The Sprytes have slowly started coming out the woods, and I am excited to see more arrive next year. There’s still a few to come though, before the wheel turns.
After such a long break, it has taken me a while to get back into the swing of it all again, but in the lat few months, 6 Sprytes have come to life – (Alice, Ida and Edward, and then Isadora, Alana and Jack) and it has been so much fun. I forgot what it was like to hear them tell me who they are, agree (or disagree!) with clothing choices, accessories.
My head is once again full of characters waiting to be brought to life. 2017 is going to be exciting!