My name is Victoria, and I make The Woodland Sprytes in my little garden workshop, which is always balancing between curio-cabinet and creative chaos... It is my special place, full of all the things I love and brimming with inspiration. 
I have lived in Oxfordshire all my life, and the Sprytes are inspired by my love for this place. The sense of ancient magic buried here, waiting to be released is a constant joy for me.
I work and live now, in a teeeny tiny little cottage on the outskirts of Oxford, and am surrounded by the countryside I love so much.

I like to make each Spryte as unique as I can, and so make their clothes with re-purposed fabric, vintage laces and trims. The Ruckies tend to be simpler, little village folk wanting to get on with their day, and the Oak Sprytes are much more detailed art pieces, where I use a wider range of materials, shell, bone, feathers, and really adorn them with Oxfordshire magic. 

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