My name is Victoria, I make the Woodland Sprytes, part doll-maker, part dreamer, imagineer. 
I think the reason I love making the Sprytes so much is that feeling of adventure, having a character live inside your head, asking to be made, and never knowing how they will turn out in the end. The twists and turns that happen along the journey from being just fabric, to an alive-living creature. 
I love it when they surprise me that way - when I feel sure I know how they will look, how they will be dressed, and the Spryte says 'No!' I don't want that! 
Leaving me to hold things up to them, until they are happy. 
I love writing their stories for them, hearing about all the things they did before I made them into cloth. 
The end of the adventure is always the best, though. When the Spryte finds it's forever home. The human it was meant to be with, somehow was *made* to be with. It makes my heart so glad..!! 

So, I was meant to be telling you a but about myself, wasn't I? Well, I live in rural Oxford, not far from where I was born, actually, which is nice, in some ways, to be so close to my roots. I think it helps with the Sprytes, having that feeling of history, and home.
I live with my Partner and our little Luna-Dog in a beautiful old cottage that I love, and feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to live in for a while. 
In the back garden is my Workshop, my sanctuary, where I lock myself away with coffee and music all day. 
It is my favourite place in the world. I have filled it with all the things I love and inspire me. Art, dolls and sculptures by friends, curio's, bones collected by myself and my Partner's daughters. It is such a happy place for me, and I hope it helps infuse the Sprytes with a feeling of love and inspiration. 

When not sewing, I am generally reading, writing (I'm a journal keeper...!) or annoying my partner with wild DIY/Gardening projects. I like making things beautiful and useful. <3 

Thankyou so much for coming here, to see the Sprytes, and read my happy, chattery waffle! Hopefully it has given you a little insight to The Sprytes and I. 

Victoria. <3 

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